Diksha App: Advance Educational Platform for Students & Teachers

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DikSha App Diksha App

Now in Corona Virus Pandemic world have been suffering from sensitive situations, Mostly students. All schools, Colleges & couching were closed and They are not getting their education properly during these periods.

Most of the online educational apps tookplace the position of Offline education, But how far that is effective. It’s true they are covering all the lessons by assigning professions but lessions are not in a sequence wise. So It conflicts the student’s mind to choose the lessons orderly. As well such applications very high payment & most of All students in India can’t afford such applications for studying.

As alternatively Almost all of the teachers giving education through the mobile Meeting application. But this is an alternative process of study & it can’t work with mass students. It can be possible to teach 1-10 student in a meeting session but you can’t teach a whole class of more than 50+ students.

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Now to overcome from these issues the Indian government developed the “Diksha App“. Let’s know more about this app…

What Is Diksha App?

Diksha App is a Mobile Online application educational platform that makes Interaction between Teachers, Students, and Parents. Where students can get their study material as per the prescribed school curriculum uploaded by their own school teacher and their parents can check their child’s activity by logging into the parent’s dashboard.

The Diksha App- The Platform for School Education is a highly trending and authorized application accepted by Government teachers & students in India. The advanced coding and attractive Graphics made the application lightweight in size and easy to use.

Features Inside Diksha App:

  1. Grab relative study materiel created by your own teacher & professional content creators
  2. Find additional learning materiel by scanning the QR code on the textbook
  3. Share & store the study material without internet connectivity
  4. Collect the lessons and worksheet which has been teaching in your school
  5. Customize Diksha App with your native language (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu)
  6. Built with multiple content format (Video, PDF, HTML, ePub, H5P, Quizzes)

Advantages for Teachers

  • Collect and distribute teaching material for an interesting class environment
  • See and share your solved practices with other teachers to fewer difficulty concepts for students
  • To increase professional development join additional courses for the future and earn BAdges and Certificate on Competition
  • Can access the log data of your teaching history as a teacher through the app
  • Capable to get the official announcement from the state department
  • Can conduct a student understanding on a topic you have been taught in past

Advantages for Students & Parents

  • Easy to access relevant lessons by scanning QR code inside your study material
  • Allow Students to revise lessons any time which they learned in class
  • Can find the additional study material lessons if they face any difficulty
  • Practice solving problems and get immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not.

Diksha App Download Process

Download and Install Diksha App is very simple and easy, It just like installing other apps on your phone from the play store.

After your Google search, many websites showing their potential to download and install the Diksha app from their websites. But they are not official and although they are providing actual application but not updated version.

So keep away from these websites and only download the Diksha application from Google Play-Store which is official and announced by Indian Government. Here is the Process how to Install Diksha App on your phone…

  • 1st tap and open Google play store on your Android Mobile
  • Type “Diksha App” inside the search box on the play store
  • Then examine the official logo of Diksha and Install

Download Diksha App for PC:

Diksha Application is only built for Android platforms. Students and any other teachers can’t find such app from another platform like Windows and App Store. But as a alternatively anyone can download Diksha App on PC and can also run. Let’s know How to Download Diksha App for PC…

  • Download BlueStack software on your PC []
  • Install Bluestack app Directly [Process is quite simple and easy like other apps]
  • After installation Open the Bluestack App [Initially Bluestack Consume some time to Open]
  • Go for the Google Play Store and open it
  • It will ask you to log in through Google ID, Now just Sign in If don’t have an account then create a Gmail Id
  • After successful log in Type and Search Diksha App over Playstore Searchbox
  • Then Click and Install Diksha App On BlueStack [You can find the app the with list of other apps on Bluestack]

Note: BlueStack is an Android Emulator over Windows PC. You can Indirectly run any Android application through the blue stack. So for Everyday use of the Diksha App, you should 1st open Bluestack and Open Diksha Application inside it.

How to Use the Diksha Application:

Diksha app is the beginning of an advanced online teaching platform combined with many features and covering with lakhs of users. build with high-end features students can Collect, study lessons, and share thoughts with teachers. Where teachers can study the understanding of students thought to upgrade their way of study further.

The application made with a very simple user panel which makes the Students and Teachers navigation easy. There is a very similar layout for both teachers and students. Meanwhile, teachers have more modules to use and some additional data to fill during registration.

How to Register with Diksha App

Because Diksha is a learning platform, It is a very innovative step to register with Diksha Application, Moreover 1,63,819 + download on play store. The process of Registration on Diksha is just like to fill the online form.

Diksha Allows to Resister both Students and teachers aswell other persons who wants to study. For students it requires E-Mail id, Mobile number,

So Don’t wasting the time let’s Know the Registration Process of Diksha for Students & Teacher.

  • 1st open the Diksha App and Fill all the required information
Diksha App Step 1
Step 2
  • After the opening of Guest Profile, Tap on Login as a teacher
  • Then a new window will ask you to log in or Register, hear tap on register
  • it will again ask Your DOB, Your name, mobile no, and a password which consist of one uppercase letter, a numeric and symbol
  • after filling all the info it will send you an OTP, Now type the OTP correctly and get verified
  • then login through your Mobile Number and click on submit details after login
  • now again fill your all the info and get register with the Diksha application

Final Words: The application is amazing and very needful for students. I have explained a deep analysis of all the processes of the Diksha Application if you facing any trouble have any doubts on the Diksha application, Let me inform via comment, Thank you for Visit.

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