How to Block Pop-Up Ads in UC Browser in 2020 (Android/iOS)

We All know, UC Browser is one of the powerful and all in one featured browser in the World. Its Adblocker is a perfect plugin to block any Spam/Pop-up ads. Not even UC Browser, With other web browsers like “Opera Browser also providing the same features. As a comparison, you can find the UC Browser is 100 times better than others.

Now, What help can we get from UC Browser AdBlocker.

As a benefit, After enabling AdBlocker on UC Browser, You will never face any pop-up ad issue while reading and browsing something except that you can feel the excellent experience of fast page load time, browsing, searching, downloading and live to a stream of Videos.

How to Block Pop-Up Ads in Uc Browser (Android)

There over Millions of Android users are using UC Browser, Some of the users may not have the idea about “How to enable Adblocker on UC Browser”. But don’t worry if you are using the Android operating system and maintaining other applications definitely, you can enable Adblocker on UC Browser. Let’s take look how to do that:-

  1. Open UC Browser Android Application
  2. Tap on the Menu icon below of Screen
  3. Go for the Setting and Tap on it
  4. Then tap on Add-ons
  5. Here tap on “Ad Block”
  6. Now toggle on “Ad Blocker” to activate it
Block Pop-Up Ads in UC Browser [Infographic Solution]

Note:- Inside the Ad Bocker page, There are two options to block ads. In Ad Blocker mode which blocks spam ads and Pop Ads but In Powerful ad Blocker mode, It can block Javascript of Visited Web Page.

How to Block Pop-Up Ads in Uc Browser (iOS)

According to research, there is a very low quantity of iOS users using the UC browser, maybe other browsers in the App store are more powerful then UC Browser. But believe me, UC Browser is only one browser can capable to block 95% of spam ads.

The process of Ad Block in iOS is very similar to the Android operating system. Let’s see “How to Block Pop-Up Ads in UC Browser on iOS Device”

  • Open UC Browser
  • Tap on the quick menu and Open Setting
  • open the Ad Blocker
  • and toggle Ad Blocker

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