6 Best Odia Calendar Apps For Android 2021

Are you looking for the best Odia Calendar Apps for Android, stay calm, you are in the right place?

Every mobile application serves better and more reliable information to users than any Online Odia Calendar website and any hardcopy data. In the case of calendars, it plays an essential role to users because it assists the data about religion, culture, and tradition. So it must be correct and simplified to people. The Odia Calendar directly belongs to Hinduism has full of festivals, and ceremony & the peoples of Odisha holds a strong belief in that. In the below article, we have listed some Odia Calendar Apps that will help people get information about Holidays, Festival dates, Almanac details, and lunar Day details. Additionally can check their Daily, Weekly & monthly insights through the Odia Calendar applications.

Putting Odia Calendar data to a mobile Application is a unique concept to represent. We all know how mobile apps are usually work; it just the simplest way to receive all information. Here Odia Calendar Apps has built with many high-end features, no need remembers the festival/holiday dates, and search for a hard copy calendar. Just install the application, and the app will inform you when the festival falls.

Most people have a curiosity to know their horoscope details and Odia Panji. So they consult Astrologer know the good and bad days for Marriage, Job, Work, and other kinds of stuff. Below Listed Apps have modules to serve the details of Horoscope & panji, no requirement to contact any astrologer again and again.

Best Odia Calendar Apps For Android
Odia Calendar Apps

List of 7 Best Odia Calendar Apps for Android:

#1 Odia (Oriya) Calendar: Odia Calendar Apps For Android

The App Odia (Odia (Oriya) Calendar), The most downloaded Odia Calendar Application over play store. The Android Application has built to serve information up to the year 2035, including the year 2019. This Calendar application is beneficial to all people belongs to Odisha and outside of Odisha. All festival details updated in this application, developed in Odia language, need to know the English & other words.

Through the extraordinary Odia calendar application, you can directly check all the festivals and Holidays list quickly by a tap on the Holiday list. After tapping on the Date inside the calendar, On Calendar Application will show the Daily Indian day, teethi, Rashi Pahala, nakshatras, etc. As well it shows the particular time of the day like Rahukal, Gulikakala, and Yamaganda.

Set a Special day reminder by long press on the Date on the calendar, this facility may not have on the Online Odia Calendar website.

#2 Odia Calendar 2020 -2021 all year:

It is a beneficial Odia Calendar App for Odisha people. Because it is filled with required information relates to Calendar data and Vedic astrology. If you are living in Odisha or outside Odisha and want to check your Horoscope details to know the list of the upcoming festivals, this is the best application for you.

Including its feature, you can set a reminder on a particular date and search for the action bar to use search for a festival, rasi, nakshatra, tithi, etc. The Calendar application shows the Indian day, thithi, Rashi, Nakshatra. It shows the pictures on the second tab on DateDate on special occasions dates. The app imports all data from Odia hard copy calendar and serves the user in a very dynamic way. For which a user understands well then a Hardcopy calendar.

#3 Odia Calendar 2021 : Oriya Calendar 2021:

The dynamic design & powerful, user-friendly Panel makes the application the best Odia Calendar application on Odisha. You will be awakened by Its high-end data serving feature, it is very advanced and can get all the information about your problem.

1st the application made with Odia language, 2nd This is the best Odia Calendar application among all apps. By default, it is providing Odia Calendar like others. Instead, you can get the Panjika Details, Daily Horoscope Details, Special Day Alerts, Odia All Festival details, and Check the sunrise or Sunsets.

If we talk about its features, the application has many latest and unique features. To make the user experience friendly and smooth, it devolves the widget system with your personalized information. By which you can see the DateDate with information when you open your mobile. No other applications are not providing such features. As well, the app supports the GPS location system for an accurate result to the user.

#4 Odia Calendar 2021:

Such application Odia Calendar 2020 consists of Panchang, festivals, Holidays, Daily Horoscope for 2020, and Odia Calendar. The Panel of the application is not looking so catchy, but its dashboard panel seems user-friendly. The app uses the HD quality images when you open the Odia calendar application as well. You can find the pictures when you click on dates for special occasions. No other Odia Calendar Apps provide the information without the internet, but by this app, you can get all the data in Offline mode.

#5 ୨୦୨୧ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର – Odia 2021 Calendar

If you are comfortable with Kohinoor Odia Calendar Application, this app serves the photocopy, and the festival details scanned from Kohinoor Odia Calendar application. This app is much similar to Hardcopy Odia Calendar & the information is also. Besides that, you can check the government Holidays and bank holiday details with some fingertips. The Application supports Zoom in and Zoom Out options to bereave information. It is not possible to get information about Horoscope Details and Rashiphal.

#6 Odia Panji 2021

The Application (Odia Panji 2021) seems all one application on Play Store. Through the app, you can find the Daily Rashiphal, Daily Panji, monthly Calendar, Odisha News, bhakti Gita, and Govt. Calendar. You can directly check the above details after installed the application no matter you are in Odisha or out of Odisha. Odia Bhakti & Government Calendar Gita is a unique concept to the user. Just Install and check the app.

#7 ଓଡ଼ିଆ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର 2021 – Odia Calendar 2021

ଓଡ଼ିଆ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର 2021 – Odia Calendar 2021 Android application is one of the best application for people of Odisha. The attraction of this application you can read all the Odia Calendar and holidays information in Odia Local language.

It’s easy to use and you can get all the information month wise according to Kohinoor Calendar.

The App ଓଡ଼ିଆ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର 2021 – Odia Calendar 2021 comes 7th position in our list.

Final words:

All Odia Calendar Apps mentioned above are very working and useful by their features & Serves different types of data to the user. Just read the above article and choose your best one. If I missed something and if you liked the article, please comment on us. Thank You for your Visit………

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