How to Restore Tabs on Google Chrome

We should know that Google Chrome is the most popular and used web browser in World. In today’s article, we are going to know How to Restore chrome Tabs.

Tabs are a very essential feature of every web browser that reduces our work effort and helps us to do multi-tasking. What if the tabs closed accidentally by the shutdown or other issues, It might be a chance to lose important data in such tabs.

There are 3 types of processes to restore chrome tabs on your PC. Let’s do it…

How to Restore Chrome Tabs Using Shortcut Key

Using shortcuts is save time, So first we are going to restore tabs using shortcuts.

Steps to Restore Google Chrome Tabs Using Shortcuts:

  • Open Google Chrome Press CTRL+Shift+T (For Windows Users)
  • Open Google Chrome and Press COMMAND +Shift+T (For Mac Users)

Restore Chrome Tabs from Chrome Bar

Follow the Steps to Restore Tabs were recently closed in Chrome:

  • Open the browser, Right Click on Chrome Bar
  • Click on Re-open the Closed tab

How to Restore Tabs on Google Chrome from History

As an alternative, If the shortcut did not work then use the chrome browser history.

Steps to Restore Tabs on Google Chrome from Browser History:

  • Click on Customize & Control (Right above the Browser)
  • Hover mouse on “History”
  • Click on tha Closed Tabs you want to restore

Watch the Video for More Info:

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Final Verdict:

How to Disable WiFi Calling Both on Android and iOS

 WiFi calling is an alternative of network-based phone calls. Some times may be helpful, but not all time; it can be used in weak mobile network regions. If you have no problem with your mobile network, then its better to stop the WiFi calling. You are lucky; here is the article about how to disable WiFi calling on Android and iOS devices.

iPhone 6 and 6s plus are the first model phones that had supported WiFi calling facility by using your WiFi network. But now, things were changed after the Android OS revolution. Now Almost all mobile supports WiFi calling, and you can enable and disable WiFi calling anytime as per your need.

Turn on WiFi Calling on Android and iOS is not developing an application for play stone. It is to follow some steps.

As I have written in my previous article, You can read about the activation process of WiFi Calling. 

5 Major Reasons to Disable WiFi Calling

Disable Wifi Calling

Signal Strength is Good, not Best.

Network strength always performs a vital role for every networking device; no matter your mobile and router, a Strong network always matters.

Many experts suggest that WiFi calling is working through a very strong network, but practically it may disappoint you. 

Signal Strength always depends on your router’s Internet connection. If it is going slow, it can face lots of calling issues, I say a lot, and varies with devices. High-cost nomadic life iPhones have five times the high capacity of catch network rather than android phones.

Delays in Transmission Data

Two types of data transformation work on WiFi calling. 1st one is between router & ISP(Internet Service provider), and 2nd one is between phone and router. 1st one works through the network for and 2nd one is the wireless WiFi connection.

In the two processes, if one gets down, then network strength will also be weak and start delay transmission and one of the big reasons for disabling WiFi calling. 

Some Mobile Does not Support WiFi Calling.

To make the WiFi calling, the role of the mobile is the primary asset. It is different than your mobile does not support WiFi, but sometimes it is embarrassing that your mobile supports WiFi Connectivity but does not support calling through it. It is not your fault, Because almost all mobile does not support WiFi calling. You can consider it as a drawback and hear; you can’t turn off WiFi calling.

It Does not Support in All Countries.

Countries that do not support WiFi are less relevant to the reasons to Disable WiFi Calling. There are not specified countries that support WiFi calling Because in day-to-day life, technology rising very fast than our thought.

If some country does not support WiFi Calling, then it may have any security issue.

Other Useful Articles:

Disable WiFi Calling on Android

The process of Disable WiFi calling on Android is to disallow your smartphone not to use the WiFi network for calling. The turn off the WiFi calling varies on different brands Because different brands mean the different layout. But the process of deactivation is similar like activate WiFi calling.

In some Devices, the WiFi calling option may be situated in the WiFi option or maybe on the connectivity option; You should find out, Here I am using Xiaomi Mobile, then I will guide you through it.

The steps to Turn off WiFi Calling on Android include the following:

  1. Go to Setting on Your phone
  2. Tap on Sim Card & mobile Networks
  3. Select the SIM 
  4. Turn Off Make Calls using WiFi if Enabled

By using the process, you can able to Disable your WiFi connection on Android mobile.

Disable WiFi Calling on iOS

Every iOS supported smartphone, I mean iPhone perfect for WiFi calling, but there was a problem with your router, then nothing to do.

The steps to Turn off WiFi Calling on iOS include the following:

  1. Go to Setting on iPhone
  2. Turn on Your Mobile Data
  3. You will get a WiFi Calling option if your Network Career is the same
  4. Now Disable WiFi Calling

Final Word:

The above content is all about how to disable WiFi calling on Android and iOS mobile phones. Maybe the process varies by mobile brands, but the functionality is the same to deactivate WiFi Calling. If you doubt the content, then inform us via comment; thank you for your visit.

How to Switch Off an Inverter (Inverter Power Off Guide)

Nowadays people have a heavy demand for Inverters and other electronic products have many reasons. Means every electronic gadget makes our life simple and reduce the work effect that’s why everyone attracting toward such types of thing. In the case of the inverter, If you have it and don’t know how to use them have no meaning in buying it. So here is an article about how to Switch off the Inverter, we have shortlisted various kinds of inverters brands and mentioned how to turn off them.

What is inverter?

The inverter is an electronic device that converts the direct current (DC) to Alternative Current (AC). The process of the input voltage, Output Voltage, and overall energy totally depends on the design of the inverter used in the Home or Offices.

Generally, an Inverter is a device that works as a charger to charge its battery (Inverter Battery).
For which you can store electric city and can use any time period of electric cut. It has many functions that make the inverters easy to use like the Turn on and off button and automatic charging facility and automatically activated when power cut.

How To Switch off the inverter?

How to Switch off the inverter

Every inverter is different as per company brand and also their working functions like Switching Off or On. Here we will discourse how to switch off the inverter, It is not a difficult thing to do but before we do that we should take care of some things.

The function of Turning off inverters will work if the inverter is in a working position and If the battery would dead then it will not work because it has already turned off.

Steps to Switch Off the Inverter;

There are no specific steps to turn off an Inverter because of various models from different brands but It has always a switch to turn it On Or Off. While the inverter will be running simply press the Switch (Power Switch), it will Switch off automatically, and after pressing back on the same button it will turn on.

Easy Step by Step Guide to Reset Your Xiaomi Phone

Hi…We are here with a new topic “How to Reset MI Phone”. Don’t be confused about “MI”, Here I talking about all Xiaomi phones & those factory reset processes.

Xiaomi is one of the large mobile manufacturers after Samsung and apple. Its amazing mobile features and cost-effectiveness are two weapons making the popular and increase its sales. I am a big fan of MI mobiles, It always feels me better by upgrading its features and fixing the bug by listening from the user. Not only mobiles it has many quality popular products trending on market.

How Reset MI Phone

Today, I am going to tell you how to reset MI mobile without making any mistake.

What is Factory Reset (Reset)?

Like Change Language and change mobile fonts, Reset is a function inside every mobile setting. Is it a hard process to do? Of course not, It is very easy but we should follow take care of something before doing this process.

Now, What is Factory reset Actually?

A Factory reset can describe as It is a process of deleting all the information inside any electronic decide to it’s default position. Including delete all database and uninstall all its software. It is also called as device formatting.

How to Reset MI Phone

There may be many reasons you want to reset your phone like “phone hang”, “Storage Space Running Out”, and “phone functions not working etc. Resetting your MI phone is a not a big task to do but you should care about few things before you mass formatting your Xiaomi MI Smart Phone.

Things to Consider Before Reset MI Phone;

  1. Transfer your important files to SD card
  2. Create a backup of your phone Contact
  3. Backup Your application data (whatsapp, Telegram, Hike etc)
  4. Upload your saved password, bookmarks, and browsing history to google account
  5. Always remember your primary Gmail Id & Password used in your MI Phone (important)

Steps to Reset MI Phone inside Setting;

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Tap on About Phone
  3. Scroll Down and Tap on Factory “Reset Tab”
  4. Tap on Erage All Data
  5. If your phone has password then enter it otherwise go for MI Account Password
  6. Click Your MI Password and Tap Enter

After some time your phone will be successfully restored by default MI functions.

Final Word:

The process of formatting or resetting a mobile phone is similar to all mobiles but has some different configuration. But this article only about How to Reset MI Phones, In-case you would satisfy with our solution you can visit the MI Knowledge base website otherwise inform us via coming below. We will definitely try to resolve your problem, Thank you for Visiting.

2 Smartest Ways to Check JIO Balance and Validity

Now, we are right here with another JIO query How to Check JIO Balance and Validity.

As per research, JIO is one of the biggest telecommunication network in India. Since the beginning of JIO, it has been coming with new and innovative products and offers which is always proved good for people.

It is the first telecom network that works with only a 4G network in stayed of 2G & 3G and had given a free 4G Voice & Data use to its new users in 2007. If you are new to JIO and looking for the network codes to check JIO balance and validity, Check JIO mobile number, Divert Call in JIO, and other related stuff. Then JIO has two ways to check JIO balance, 1st one is network codes and another one is through JIO App. Let’s check the balance in JIO…

How to check JIO Balance

SMS Based JIO Balance Check Codes:

JIO is a network providing unlimited JIO to JIO voice calling and limited Data & SMS service. That means there is only a need to check the data uses and SMS uses. but to check the balance in JIO there is no USSD codes only you can check through SMS based and JIO App, nothing to worry all the process are easy and effective.

JIO 4G Data Balance CheckDial – 1299 / Download Jio App
JIO Details CheckDial – 1299 / Download Jio App
Jio Balance and Validity CheckSend SMS “BAL” to 199
Jio SIM Mobile Number checkDial -1299 / Download Jio App
Jio Customer Care NumberCall on 1860-893-3333

How to Check JIO Balance with JIO App

JIO App is a all in one solutions for all most all JIO configuration, In fact you can check your JIO balance and validity here as other things. There are other ways also to check JIO balance but i thing this is the best way if you are looking for how to check JIO balance with JIO App. Let’s Check balance in JIO…

Step-1: Install JIO App from Play store Or App store

Step-2: Sign in to JIO app with SIM

step-3: See, your JIO Number showing with Remaining Daily Data

Step-4: Tap on mobile tab to inquiry your cellar plans and validity

Step-5: Now Tap on current Plan

Step-6: After that, you can able to see your validity, Data Balances, and Addon balances

Check JIO Number With JIO App

Final Word:

Here is above I have shown two ways to check your JIO balance and in your smartphones. My suggestion is always to use the JIO app and track your activities of data use, Voice call, and validity without wasting time. If you have other issues while checking the balance, you can contact JIO support otherwise Comment below, We will try to solve your issue, Thank You for Visiting.

How to Check JIO Number With Or WithOut JIO App

“I don’t know my JIO Number”, It is very frustrating when you are not able to find your current JIO Mobile number. For which the questions “How to check JIO Number”, “How to know my JIO number” thats started irritating us. It is not making a rocket to space like check your own JIO mobile number, It is very simple process to do.

If you look back to 6 years, JIO has been becoming a trusted and fastest growing tele communication network in India. Which was the first network started serving free Internet, Voice and video calling facility, Still now it is serving but at a cost of low price.

For-which, it has large of customers scale in India and here, all are not capable to operate technical things without reading its manual given by JIO while buy a new sim. Among of all technical things How to check JIO number is one of them.

Now, What is the actual need to know current own personal mobile number?

This thing needed while you buy a new SIM, for further you have to remember it to share among with your friends and relative. After that you are not going to send your mobile via any post or courier them inside a envelope, It sounds occurred right.

Generally we share our number by sending SMSs or private chat in social media platform. But all time it does not work and mostly we share our number in verbal way because it is saves our time and can easily share JIO number in a very rush area. That’s why we should know and remember our number

JIO has its own mobile application to handle its technical stuff as well check mobile numbers, but what about those people, Who can’t operate it. JIO does not support USSD codes to find mobile numbers, where others do.

How to Check JIO Number

So there is two easy process where you can check JIO your number easily.

How to Check JIO Number in JIO Application

As I mentioned above JIO app you can handle your JIO connection stuff and can check your number without going anywhere. Through the JIO app you can capable to do anything from Check your JIO number to buy JIO SIM online, As well you can do recharges, Check Data balance, Plan Validity, Set JIO tune, etc.

Now return to our topic, How do we know JIO number with JIO app, Let’s follow the process

Steps to Check JIO Number With JIO App:

  1. Open PlayStore inside your Smartphone
  2. Download the JIO App
  3. Open Downloaded JIO App and log in with it
  4. After login, Check Your JIO Number Visible on Screen
Check JIO Number With JIO App

How to Check JIO Number Without App

All-time it is not necessary to do all operations in the JIO app, You can also do without it. As I mentioned above, JIO does not support USSD to codes for its SIM related operation, then how to check JIO number with the app, just stay calm there is another way to do it. Let’s follow these steps

Steps to Find JIO Number Without JIO App:

  1. Open Dial Pad on Your Phone
  2. Dial and call 1299 (Call Will Disconnect Automatically)
  3. Now open that SMS (Received After Call)
  4. Check, Your JIO number would be in MSG.

Final Words:

The above article is an informative article on “How to Know your JIO Mobile Number” with or without JIO mobile Application. If you have any other process where we can find the JIO number then you can suggest us or if you have face any issues also inform us via our comment section, Thank You for Visiting (OdiaMedia).

Diksha App: Advance Educational Platform for Students & Teachers

Hi….Readers, Here is over internet a term has been searching rapidly “Diksha App”. Do you know What is actuallyDiksha App is?

Don’t worry, next of our article we are going to discourse about this topic.

DikSha App Diksha App

Now in Corona Virus Pandemic world have been suffering from sensitive situations, Mostly students. All schools, Colleges & couching were closed and They are not getting their education properly during these periods.

Most of the online educational apps tookplace the position of Offline education, But how far that is effective. It’s true they are covering all the lessons by assigning professions but lessions are not in a sequence wise. So It conflicts the student’s mind to choose the lessons orderly. As well such applications very high payment & most of All students in India can’t afford such applications for studying.

As alternatively Almost all of the teachers giving education through the mobile Meeting application. But this is an alternative process of study & it can’t work with mass students. It can be possible to teach 1-10 student in a meeting session but you can’t teach a whole class of more than 50+ students.

Suggested App:- Download our best LiveMeet App which is Free, Fast & Secure. It is built with many High-end Features and works in low mobile data connectivity.

Now to overcome from these issues the Indian government developed the “Diksha App“. Let’s know more about this app…

What Is Diksha App?

Diksha App is a Mobile Online application educational platform that makes Interaction between Teachers, Students, and Parents. Where students can get their study material as per the prescribed school curriculum uploaded by their own school teacher and their parents can check their child’s activity by logging into the parent’s dashboard.

The Diksha App- The Platform for School Education is a highly trending and authorized application accepted by Government teachers & students in India. The advanced coding and attractive Graphics made the application lightweight in size and easy to use.

Features Inside Diksha App:

  1. Grab relative study materiel created by your own teacher & professional content creators
  2. Find additional learning materiel by scanning the QR code on the textbook
  3. Share & store the study material without internet connectivity
  4. Collect the lessons and worksheet which has been teaching in your school
  5. Customize Diksha App with your native language (English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu)
  6. Built with multiple content format (Video, PDF, HTML, ePub, H5P, Quizzes)

Advantages for Teachers

  • Collect and distribute teaching material for an interesting class environment
  • See and share your solved practices with other teachers to fewer difficulty concepts for students
  • To increase professional development join additional courses for the future and earn BAdges and Certificate on Competition
  • Can access the log data of your teaching history as a teacher through the app
  • Capable to get the official announcement from the state department
  • Can conduct a student understanding on a topic you have been taught in past

Advantages for Students & Parents

  • Easy to access relevant lessons by scanning QR code inside your study material
  • Allow Students to revise lessons any time which they learned in class
  • Can find the additional study material lessons if they face any difficulty
  • Practice solving problems and get immediate feedback on whether the answer is correct or not.

Diksha App Download Process

Download and Install Diksha App is very simple and easy, It just like installing other apps on your phone from the play store.

After your Google search, many websites showing their potential to download and install the Diksha app from their websites. But they are not official and although they are providing actual application but not updated version.

So keep away from these websites and only download the Diksha application from Google Play-Store which is official and announced by Indian Government. Here is the Process how to Install Diksha App on your phone…

  • 1st tap and open Google play store on your Android Mobile
  • Type “Diksha App” inside the search box on the play store
  • Then examine the official logo of Diksha and Install

Download Diksha App for PC:

Diksha Application is only built for Android platforms. Students and any other teachers can’t find such app from another platform like Windows and App Store. But as a alternatively anyone can download Diksha App on PC and can also run. Let’s know How to Download Diksha App for PC…

  • Download BlueStack software on your PC []
  • Install Bluestack app Directly [Process is quite simple and easy like other apps]
  • After installation Open the Bluestack App [Initially Bluestack Consume some time to Open]
  • Go for the Google Play Store and open it
  • It will ask you to log in through Google ID, Now just Sign in If don’t have an account then create a Gmail Id
  • After successful log in Type and Search Diksha App over Playstore Searchbox
  • Then Click and Install Diksha App On BlueStack [You can find the app the with list of other apps on Bluestack]

Note: BlueStack is an Android Emulator over Windows PC. You can Indirectly run any Android application through the blue stack. So for Everyday use of the Diksha App, you should 1st open Bluestack and Open Diksha Application inside it.

How to Use the Diksha Application:

Diksha app is the beginning of an advanced online teaching platform combined with many features and covering with lakhs of users. build with high-end features students can Collect, study lessons, and share thoughts with teachers. Where teachers can study the understanding of students thought to upgrade their way of study further.

The application made with a very simple user panel which makes the Students and Teachers navigation easy. There is a very similar layout for both teachers and students. Meanwhile, teachers have more modules to use and some additional data to fill during registration.

How to Register with Diksha App

Because Diksha is a learning platform, It is a very innovative step to register with Diksha Application, Moreover 1,63,819 + download on play store. The process of Registration on Diksha is just like to fill the online form.

Diksha Allows to Resister both Students and teachers aswell other persons who wants to study. For students it requires E-Mail id, Mobile number,

So Don’t wasting the time let’s Know the Registration Process of Diksha for Students & Teacher.

  • 1st open the Diksha App and Fill all the required information
Diksha App Step 1
Step 2
  • After the opening of Guest Profile, Tap on Login as a teacher
  • Then a new window will ask you to log in or Register, hear tap on register
  • it will again ask Your DOB, Your name, mobile no, and a password which consist of one uppercase letter, a numeric and symbol
  • after filling all the info it will send you an OTP, Now type the OTP correctly and get verified
  • then login through your Mobile Number and click on submit details after login
  • now again fill your all the info and get register with the Diksha application

Final Words: The application is amazing and very needful for students. I have explained a deep analysis of all the processes of the Diksha Application if you facing any trouble have any doubts on the Diksha application, Let me inform via comment, Thank you for Visit.

6 Best Odia Calendar Apps For Android 2021

Are you looking for the best Odia Calendar Apps for Android, stay calm, you are in the right place?

Every mobile application serves better and more reliable information to users than any Online Odia Calendar website and any hardcopy data. In the case of calendars, it plays an essential role to users because it assists the data about religion, culture, and tradition. So it must be correct and simplified to people. The Odia Calendar directly belongs to Hinduism has full of festivals, and ceremony & the peoples of Odisha holds a strong belief in that. In the below article, we have listed some Odia Calendar Apps that will help people get information about Holidays, Festival dates, Almanac details, and lunar Day details. Additionally can check their Daily, Weekly & monthly insights through the Odia Calendar applications.

Putting Odia Calendar data to a mobile Application is a unique concept to represent. We all know how mobile apps are usually work; it just the simplest way to receive all information. Here Odia Calendar Apps has built with many high-end features, no need remembers the festival/holiday dates, and search for a hard copy calendar. Just install the application, and the app will inform you when the festival falls.

Most people have a curiosity to know their horoscope details and Odia Panji. So they consult Astrologer know the good and bad days for Marriage, Job, Work, and other kinds of stuff. Below Listed Apps have modules to serve the details of Horoscope & panji, no requirement to contact any astrologer again and again.

Best Odia Calendar Apps For Android
Odia Calendar Apps

List of 7 Best Odia Calendar Apps for Android:

#1 Odia (Oriya) Calendar: Odia Calendar Apps For Android

The App Odia (Odia (Oriya) Calendar), The most downloaded Odia Calendar Application over play store. The Android Application has built to serve information up to the year 2035, including the year 2019. This Calendar application is beneficial to all people belongs to Odisha and outside of Odisha. All festival details updated in this application, developed in Odia language, need to know the English & other words.

Through the extraordinary Odia calendar application, you can directly check all the festivals and Holidays list quickly by a tap on the Holiday list. After tapping on the Date inside the calendar, On Calendar Application will show the Daily Indian day, teethi, Rashi Pahala, nakshatras, etc. As well it shows the particular time of the day like Rahukal, Gulikakala, and Yamaganda.

Set a Special day reminder by long press on the Date on the calendar, this facility may not have on the Online Odia Calendar website.

#2 Odia Calendar 2020 -2021 all year:

It is a beneficial Odia Calendar App for Odisha people. Because it is filled with required information relates to Calendar data and Vedic astrology. If you are living in Odisha or outside Odisha and want to check your Horoscope details to know the list of the upcoming festivals, this is the best application for you.

Including its feature, you can set a reminder on a particular date and search for the action bar to use search for a festival, rasi, nakshatra, tithi, etc. The Calendar application shows the Indian day, thithi, Rashi, Nakshatra. It shows the pictures on the second tab on DateDate on special occasions dates. The app imports all data from Odia hard copy calendar and serves the user in a very dynamic way. For which a user understands well then a Hardcopy calendar.

#3 Odia Calendar 2021 : Oriya Calendar 2021:

The dynamic design & powerful, user-friendly Panel makes the application the best Odia Calendar application on Odisha. You will be awakened by Its high-end data serving feature, it is very advanced and can get all the information about your problem.

1st the application made with Odia language, 2nd This is the best Odia Calendar application among all apps. By default, it is providing Odia Calendar like others. Instead, you can get the Panjika Details, Daily Horoscope Details, Special Day Alerts, Odia All Festival details, and Check the sunrise or Sunsets.

If we talk about its features, the application has many latest and unique features. To make the user experience friendly and smooth, it devolves the widget system with your personalized information. By which you can see the DateDate with information when you open your mobile. No other applications are not providing such features. As well, the app supports the GPS location system for an accurate result to the user.

#4 Odia Calendar 2021:

Such application Odia Calendar 2020 consists of Panchang, festivals, Holidays, Daily Horoscope for 2020, and Odia Calendar. The Panel of the application is not looking so catchy, but its dashboard panel seems user-friendly. The app uses the HD quality images when you open the Odia calendar application as well. You can find the pictures when you click on dates for special occasions. No other Odia Calendar Apps provide the information without the internet, but by this app, you can get all the data in Offline mode.

#5 ୨୦୨୧ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର – Odia 2021 Calendar

If you are comfortable with Kohinoor Odia Calendar Application, this app serves the photocopy, and the festival details scanned from Kohinoor Odia Calendar application. This app is much similar to Hardcopy Odia Calendar & the information is also. Besides that, you can check the government Holidays and bank holiday details with some fingertips. The Application supports Zoom in and Zoom Out options to bereave information. It is not possible to get information about Horoscope Details and Rashiphal.

#6 Odia Panji 2021

The Application (Odia Panji 2021) seems all one application on Play Store. Through the app, you can find the Daily Rashiphal, Daily Panji, monthly Calendar, Odisha News, bhakti Gita, and Govt. Calendar. You can directly check the above details after installed the application no matter you are in Odisha or out of Odisha. Odia Bhakti & Government Calendar Gita is a unique concept to the user. Just Install and check the app.

#7 ଓଡ଼ିଆ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର 2021 – Odia Calendar 2021

ଓଡ଼ିଆ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର 2021 – Odia Calendar 2021 Android application is one of the best application for people of Odisha. The attraction of this application you can read all the Odia Calendar and holidays information in Odia Local language.

It’s easy to use and you can get all the information month wise according to Kohinoor Calendar.

The App ଓଡ଼ିଆ କ୍ୟାଲେଣ୍ଡର 2021 – Odia Calendar 2021 comes 7th position in our list.

Final words:

All Odia Calendar Apps mentioned above are very working and useful by their features & Serves different types of data to the user. Just read the above article and choose your best one. If I missed something and if you liked the article, please comment on us. Thank You for your Visit………

10 Best Astrology Apps for Android 2020 (Absolutely Free Download)

Do you Looking for Best Astrology Apps for Android, Now welcome to our website we have listed some best Apps for Astrology. Let’s see…

In India, most people belong to the Hindu Community, and following Hinduism holds a strong belief in Vedic Astrology. The culture is full of occasions or festivities; they need to prepare themselves before each celebration. So the community obeys some Regional Calendars (Odia Calendar, Tamil Calendar, etc.) to know the dates and teethe. To resolve and understand the brief, people consult Astrologer for all the favorable occasions to know their zodiac signs and live marriages, lives, and jobs.

So to simplify these things, we have listed some Astrology Apps for Android. For which these astrology Apps for Android will assist them in finding the insights of occasions and festivals at any time anywhere. No matter where you are at Office, Home, and any vacation, just install the App and relax. The App will notify you when your festival will occur and what to do for the festival. Let’s Explore the best Astrology for Android.

AstroVed: Best Astrology Apps for Android

The (AstroVed) is an online astrology and remedy solution location-based application on both Android and iOS platforms. The moto of the Application to help people to find correct information about their horas (auspicious hours in a day) Horoscope, Birth chart, Dasa Bhakti Ascendants, Birth star, moon sign, etc. As well you can know your horoscope details daily, this is the most advanced and latest information provider App over play store.

The primary mode of design is to know daily opportunities and avoid the obstacles according to user Zodiac. The Application has a well-organized and friendly dashboard; to find all the important stuff inside the dashboard panel.

The live TV, the most dominant feature, makes it the best Astrology App in India. May other astrologer applications are providing many services, but the live TV module is Unique. The benefit streams episodes relate to Vashatu, Daily Horoscope, Home remedy, etc. As well you can watch Astrology related videos in this section, which has been arranged as a playlist. Recently the App upgraded with AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, for which you can directly ask your problem to experts, and they will directly assist you for the remedy.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 1 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Horoscope Matching Tool
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscope
  • Calendar Supported
  • Location Based App
  • MultiLanguage Support
  • Descriptive Dashboard
  • Personalized Astrology
  • Free Astrology Tools
  • AstroVed Live TV

Jyotish App – Astrology Jyotish

Jyotish App is 100% free, Offline, and PDF supported Astrology Application Supported in Android platform. You never pay a dime to download your Horoscope details and share details on various social media platforms on Jyotishapp. Where other Astrology Applications runs online here, the JytishApp runs offline means you can check your horoscope details offline without turn on your mobile data. The Amazing voice command module can generate your Horoscope details in stayed of typing.

If we talk about its development and features, the App is all in one Astrology Solution application. Its user-friendly navigation system makes the user comfortable to navigate and the app has many working features like Panchang details like Tithi, Weekday, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana, Hindu Sunrise / Sunset, Ayana, Abhijit Muhurta, Amrit Kalam, etc.and Hora, Choghadiya, Chogadiya and Tamil Gowri Panchangam (Nalla Neram).

At last, this is the most effective Application among Astrology apps for Android platform. Not only this Application runs without internet, but also it will not irritate you to showing unwanted advertisement.

Key Features:

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 2 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

  • Generate detailed Horoscope
  • Jyotish App is completely Free
  •  supports voice commands. Generate horoscope
  • save complete Horoscope as PDF
  • App work offline and do not require internet connection

The Daily Horoscope App

The daily Horoscope app is the App that works as its name means it provides detailed information about daily, weekly and monthly Horoscope. It has an advanced future to set a daily horoscope reminder not to forgot essential updates. As well you can get knowledge about Chinese Zodiac & horoscope details on your Android Mobile.

Technically such Applications not supports or allow to get customer’s privacy information like location data, Personal Information, and any payment information. In the stayed of its register process, which needs customer’s email or Facebook or Gmail credentials. If a customer registers with his/her Facebook or Google credentials, the Application will import the name and other details of customers from Facebook and Google. It is not an issue to worry, because we all know Google and Facebook are much secure than our thinking.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 3 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Daily, weekly, Monthly Horoscope
  • Ability to scroll back up to a week (or more with a subscription)
  • Daily reminders for daily horoscope that you can setup in app’s settings
  • Custom colors and font size (adjust in “Settings”)
  • Easy launch horoscope widget
  • Zodiac sign compatibility horoscope:
  • Chinese yearly horoscope for 2020, 2019 and 2018
  • Zodiac yearly horoscope for 2020, 2019 and 2018
  • Druid horoscope

Mpanchang– Astrology App for Android Mobile app

The Mpanchang is full of many Astrological features based on Hinduism. Through which you can match Kundli, Check Hindu panchang, Choghadiya, Shubh muhurat, Daily horoscope predictions, Zodiac Sign compatibility, Astrological calculations, Kundali Dosha prediction, etc.

Mpanchang serves apparent and depth information on its every single feature, However, it is Horoscope details or Kundli Matching. The Mpanchang never compromises with its users, and there is an option, “Ask Astrologer.” You can directly ask questions to an expert astrologer requiring your problem, and you will be answered immediately by app between one to two days.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 4 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Kundali Matching Report
  • Raj Yog Report
  • Ask An Astrologer
  • Yearly Horoscope
  • Free Panchang
  • Shubh Muhurat
  • Janam Kundali Report

Time Passage App

The Astrology Android application “Time Passage” combined with many features like create a birth chart, Daily Horoscope, planetary details with a minute by minute information. Through this Application, you can generate your birth chart without paying a dime. Time Passage becomes popular for some free and lifestyle worthy features. It has a compatibility meter feature, which compares two signs. By which you can check the score between you and your partner. In stayed of other Applications, you can check the Daily Horoscope, weekly and monthly Horoscope with detailed information.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 5 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Check daily Horoscope
  • Generate Personalized Birth Chart Report
  • Compare astrology chart to the current transits
  • can see you friends’ planets, signs, charts, and daily horoscope
  •  view the comparison wheel for the two profiles and analyze

iHoroscope – Horoscope and Astrology

The iHoroscope App is the most downloadable Application over the play store & developed with many high-end features. Here you can check your daily, weekly, and Monthly Horoscope like other Applications. As well you can use this Application for love compatibility by its live chat options with their experts. Nowadays, most of the Applications have a live chat function, but in this Application, the opponent is always a human rather than a robot.

Because this is a location-based Application it will access your location for geographical position to suggest you better results. As well it needs an internet connection for the latest, real-time, and updated information. Evin it will run faster when your phone’s running out of storage.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 6 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Horoscope for today and tomorrow
  • Horoscope for the week
  • Live readings
  • Horoscope for the month
  • Horoscope for the year
  • Love compatibility
  • Seasonal horoscopes

My Horoscope App

My Horoscope App offers a prediction of all zodiac signs and their three decanates. Inside the Application, you can check your and your friend’s horoscope details by adding their name and other necessary information. However, the App working worldwide. You can easily choose your preferred language, no matter where you are from, and which language you understand because the Application supports a significant country’s language.

Also, it offers depth information about Horoscope for 5-6 days, and you can share the whole Horoscope content to social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter easily. If you don’t know about Sun & moon sign and face difficulty to get horoscope details by this Astrological App.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 7 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • The content isn’t downloaded at every launch but only as needed
  • 7 days horoscope
  • Calculate your sign
  • Multi language
  • Added option to remove advertising
  • Yearly horoscope for 2020

Horoscope App by

Horoscope App has a minimal function for Astrology information seekers. Like other Astrology Apps for Android, here you can check your Horoscope. Where Other Horoscope applications are only providing a summary of horoscope details, by this App, you can check your daily, Weekly, and Yearly Horoscope. I think this is the only feature that makes the best Astrology apps for Android in India. Instead of these, by the Application, you can also check the Different Horoscope (Love, Work, Finance, Home, etc.) and share via E-Mil, Facebook, and Twitter.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 8 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Peer into tomorrow (or next week, or next month!) or review yesterday with a flick of your finger.
  • Easily email any horoscope to anyone.
  • Daily, weekly & Monthly Horoscope Check
  • Option to share horoscope details on Social media

The True Horoscope

The True Horoscope commits to providing a correct insight of daily, Monthly, weekly Horoscope, and Love Affinity. All the horoscope details prepared correctly by an expert astrologer. It allows you to share your generated Horoscope details with Facebook like other social media platforms by floating share buttons. According to this Android Application, you can check your lucky number for lottery and other work.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is position 9 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:

  • Daily horoscope (including yesterday, today and tomorrow)
  • Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes
  • Astrology Horoscope for the current year
  • Horoscope for yesterday, tomorrow, last week, next week, last month, next month
  • Widget support
  • Love affinity
  • Zodiac Sign characteristics
  • Share your Horoscope (facebook, twitter, gmail, sms, google plus, whatsapp ..)
  • Astrology forecasts & predictions are accurate for all zodiac signs :
  • Fortune Cookies & Lottery Numbers
  • Horoscopo gratis

Astro guide – Free Daily Horoscope & Tarot Reading

Everyone loves meme; inside the Astro Guide Astrological Android Application, you will find the information about your daily, weekly, and monthly Horoscope like other apps as well as astrological memes. Serving Astrological memes to users is a new concept to entertaining them. Besides that, if you are a lover and want to know your love status and need a remedy, this is the best Application. It suggests the Zodiac compatibility of you and your partner. Also, you can check your horoscope details by numerology and Tarot reading. These are the basic features of Astro solution application by which it will give insights into your love, work, marriage, health for today and tomorrow.

Note:- Depending upon its high-end features this app is the position 10 in the list of Best Astrology apps for Android.

Key Features:



Horoscope and tarot

I have listed above the most popular Astrology apps for Android mobile, But this Application has a unique feature that makes it different. It offers the Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscope details as well as Tarot details, Through this Astrology application, you can check Money, career, Love under Horoscope and Tarot. Also, you can ask directly with the Astrologer through its ask question section. If you need your horoscope details and other details under tarot, this Android Astrology app is best.

Key Features:

  • daily horoscope
  • weekly horoscope
  • monthly horoscope
  • daily love horoscope
  • weekly love horoscope
  • monthly love horoscope
  • daily Chinese horoscope
  • – birthday horoscope
  • love compatibility
  • weekly Chinese horoscope
  • monthly Chinese horoscope
  • Chinese compatibility
  • Egyptian horoscope
  • Mayan horoscope
  • numerology horoscope
  • numerology compatibility
  • zodiac profile
  • friendship profile

Astrosage Kundli

The Application Astrosage is primarily known for Moon sign horoscope, and birth chart generator. It contains many working features like Horoscope Matching, Horoscope, Rashifal, Hindu Calendar (Panchang), etc. May this Application has a limited function than other Highend Astrology Apps, but this one is a very light and user-friendly panel according to user review. Besides that, the Application supports the translator to get all astrological information in your native languages.

Key Features:

  •  Vedic Astrology – Traditional Features
  • * Predictions/ Personalized Horoscope
  • * Download PDF to Print Kundli
  • * Moon sign horoscopes
  • * Panchang: Daily Panchang & Muhurat, Hora, Rahu Kaal, Choghadiya, Hindu Calendar with Festivals
  • * Horoscope Matching:
  • * Horoscope 2020 & Calendar 2020
  • * Daily rashifal, monthly rashiphal, rashifal 2020
  • * Learn astrology
  • * GPS support for Prashna Kundli
  • * North and South Indian chart style
  • * Automatic DST correction
  • * Choice of Lahiri
  • Multi Language Support
  • * Jaimini Astrology
  • * Colored chart
  • * User friendly UI with flipping screens
  • * Moon sign calculator, sun sign calculator, love compatibility

Final word:

Above-listed the best Astrology Apps for Android are useful by their features, They all have many features, but they perform a vital role with a specific feature. Most of all have been providing precise data on Horoscope and some entertaining users by publishing Astrological memes. Just read all the application features carefully and choose what is best for your need. Kindly share your opinion about this article and commenting me if I missed something, thank you for visiting……

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