Hi…We are here with a new topic “How to Reset MI Phone”. Don’t be confused about “MI”, Here I talking about all Xiaomi phones & those factory reset processes.

Xiaomi is one of the large mobile manufacturers after Samsung and apple. Its amazing mobile features and cost-effectiveness are two weapons making the popular and increase its sales. I am a big fan of MI mobiles, It always feels me better by upgrading its features and fixing the bug by listening from the user. Not only mobiles it has many quality popular products trending on market.

How Reset MI Phone

Today, I am going to tell you how to reset MI mobile without making any mistake.

What is Factory Reset (Reset)?

Like Change Language and change mobile fonts, Reset is a function inside every mobile setting. Is it a hard process to do? Of course not, It is very easy but we should follow take care of something before doing this process.

Now, What is Factory reset Actually?

A Factory reset can describe as It is a process of deleting all the information inside any electronic decide to it’s default position. Including delete all database and uninstall all its software. It is also called as device formatting.

How to Reset MI Phone

There may be many reasons you want to reset your phone like “phone hang”, “Storage Space Running Out”, and “phone functions not working etc. Resetting your MI phone is a not a big task to do but you should care about few things before you mass formatting your Xiaomi MI Smart Phone.

Things to Consider Before Reset MI Phone;

  1. Transfer your important files to SD card
  2. Create a backup of your phone Contact
  3. Backup Your application data (whatsapp, Telegram, Hike etc)
  4. Upload your saved password, bookmarks, and browsing history to google account
  5. Always remember your primary Gmail Id & Password used in your MI Phone (important)

Steps to Reset MI Phone inside Setting;

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Tap on About Phone
  3. Scroll Down and Tap on Factory “Reset Tab”
  4. Tap on Erage All Data
  5. If your phone has password then enter it otherwise go for MI Account Password
  6. Click Your MI Password and Tap Enter

After some time your phone will be successfully restored by default MI functions.

Final Word:

The process of formatting or resetting a mobile phone is similar to all mobiles but has some different configuration. But this article only about How to Reset MI Phones, In-case you would satisfy with our solution you can visit the MI Knowledge base website otherwise inform us via coming below. We will definitely try to resolve your problem, Thank you for Visiting.

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