WiFi calling is an alternative of network-based phone calls. Some times may be helpful, but not all time; it can be used in weak mobile network regions. If you have no problem with your mobile network, then its better to stop the WiFi calling. You are lucky; here is the article about how to disable WiFi calling on Android and iOS devices.

iPhone 6 and 6s plus are the first model phones that had supported WiFi calling facility by using your WiFi network. But now, things were changed after the Android OS revolution. Now Almost all mobile supports WiFi calling, and you can enable and disable WiFi calling anytime as per your need.

Turn on WiFi Calling on Android and iOS is not developing an application for play stone. It is to follow some steps.

As I have written in my previous article, You can read about the activation process of WiFi Calling. 

5 Major Reasons to Disable WiFi Calling

Disable Wifi Calling

Signal Strength is Good, not Best.

Network strength always performs a vital role for every networking device; no matter your mobile and router, a Strong network always matters.

Many experts suggest that WiFi calling is working through a very strong network, but practically it may disappoint you. 

Signal Strength always depends on your router’s Internet connection. If it is going slow, it can face lots of calling issues, I say a lot, and varies with devices. High-cost nomadic life iPhones have five times the high capacity of catch network rather than android phones.

Delays in Transmission Data

Two types of data transformation work on WiFi calling. 1st one is between router & ISP(Internet Service provider), and 2nd one is between phone and router. 1st one works through the network for and 2nd one is the wireless WiFi connection.

In the two processes, if one gets down, then network strength will also be weak and start delay transmission and one of the big reasons for disabling WiFi calling. 

Some Mobile Does not Support WiFi Calling.

To make the WiFi calling, the role of the mobile is the primary asset. It is different than your mobile does not support WiFi, but sometimes it is embarrassing that your mobile supports WiFi Connectivity but does not support calling through it. It is not your fault, Because almost all mobile does not support WiFi calling. You can consider it as a drawback and hear; you can’t turn off WiFi calling.

It Does not Support in All Countries.

Countries that do not support WiFi are less relevant to the reasons to Disable WiFi Calling. There are not specified countries that support WiFi calling Because in day-to-day life, technology rising very fast than our thought.

If some country does not support WiFi Calling, then it may have any security issue.

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Disable WiFi Calling on Android

The process of Disable WiFi calling on Android is to disallow your smartphone not to use the WiFi network for calling. The turn off the WiFi calling varies on different brands Because different brands mean the different layout. But the process of deactivation is similar like activate WiFi calling.

In some Devices, the WiFi calling option may be situated in the WiFi option or maybe on the connectivity option; You should find out, Here I am using Xiaomi Mobile, then I will guide you through it.

The steps to Turn off WiFi Calling on Android include the following:

  1. Go to Setting on Your phone
  2. Tap on Sim Card & mobile Networks
  3. Select the SIM 
  4. Turn Off Make Calls using WiFi if Enabled

By using the process, you can able to Disable your WiFi connection on Android mobile.

Disable WiFi Calling on iOS

Every iOS supported smartphone, I mean iPhone perfect for WiFi calling, but there was a problem with your router, then nothing to do.

The steps to Turn off WiFi Calling on iOS include the following:

  1. Go to Setting on iPhone
  2. Turn on Your Mobile Data
  3. You will get a WiFi Calling option if your Network Career is the same
  4. Now Disable WiFi Calling

Final Word:

The above content is all about how to disable WiFi calling on Android and iOS mobile phones. Maybe the process varies by mobile brands, but the functionality is the same to deactivate WiFi Calling. If you doubt the content, then inform us via comment; thank you for your visit.

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