“I don’t know my JIO Number”, It is very frustrating when you are not able to find your current JIO Mobile number. For which the questions “How to check JIO Number”, “How to know my JIO number” thats started irritating us. It is not making a rocket to space like check your own JIO mobile number, It is very simple process to do.

If you look back to 6 years, JIO has been becoming a trusted and fastest growing tele communication network in India. Which was the first network started serving free Internet, Voice and video calling facility, Still now it is serving but at a cost of low price.

For-which, it has large of customers scale in India and here, all are not capable to operate technical things without reading its manual given by JIO while buy a new sim. Among of all technical things How to check JIO number is one of them.

Now, What is the actual need to know current own personal mobile number?

This thing needed while you buy a new SIM, for further you have to remember it to share among with your friends and relative. After that you are not going to send your mobile via any post or courier them inside a envelope, It sounds occurred right.

Generally we share our number by sending SMSs or private chat in social media platform. But all time it does not work and mostly we share our number in verbal way because it is saves our time and can easily share JIO number in a very rush area. That’s why we should know and remember our number

JIO has its own mobile application to handle its technical stuff as well check mobile numbers, but what about those people, Who can’t operate it. JIO does not support USSD codes to find mobile numbers, where others do.

How to Check JIO Number

So there is two easy process where you can check JIO your number easily.

How to Check JIO Number in JIO Application

As I mentioned above JIO app you can handle your JIO connection stuff and can check your number without going anywhere. Through the JIO app you can capable to do anything from Check your JIO number to buy JIO SIM online, As well you can do recharges, Check Data balance, Plan Validity, Set JIO tune, etc.

Now return to our topic, How do we know JIO number with JIO app, Let’s follow the process

Steps to Check JIO Number With JIO App:

  1. Open PlayStore inside your Smartphone
  2. Download the JIO App
  3. Open Downloaded JIO App and log in with it
  4. After login, Check Your JIO Number Visible on Screen
Check JIO Number With JIO App

How to Check JIO Number Without App

All-time it is not necessary to do all operations in the JIO app, You can also do without it. As I mentioned above, JIO does not support USSD to codes for its SIM related operation, then how to check JIO number with the app, just stay calm there is another way to do it. Let’s follow these steps

Steps to Find JIO Number Without JIO App:

  1. Open Dial Pad on Your Phone
  2. Dial and call 1299 (Call Will Disconnect Automatically)
  3. Now open that SMS (Received After Call)
  4. Check, Your JIO number would be in MSG.

Final Words:

The above article is an informative article on “How to Know your JIO Mobile Number” with or without JIO mobile Application. If you have any other process where we can find the JIO number then you can suggest us or if you have face any issues also inform us via our comment section, Thank You for Visiting (OdiaMedia).

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